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A Bit About Us

Italian import and gluten-free goods store. Carrying a range of Italian foods, home kitchen tools, gluten-free products (pasta, bread, snacks, flours, and more!), and games (the next section of the store once we get up and running fully)! From dinner to family night and entertaining, we can help get you started.

Swine and Cheese was born out of a love of foods and both family and personal history. Being from the culinary and hospitality industry, from a largely Italian/Mediterranean family, and a celiac, I wanted to create a place with options for both those seeking the amazing foods of Italy and those looking for amazing gluten-free choices. I look forward as this store continues to evolve and gain more things to offer everyone.

What is a Drogheria?

A drogheria is an Italian dry goods store. It carries dried goods, canned and jarred goods, and kitchen and household items.

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